Monday, June 04, 2007

Too busy creating to Blog

I have been hard at work at Colin Smith Architecture, Inc. developing the way we use Revit and making our deliverables outstanding within the architecture community. Our first year of using the product revolved around learning the product and how to create a full set of construction documents without utilizing AutoCAD. After the first 3 projects (about 6 months in) we were able to stop using AutoCAD and get a decent set out of Revit. Now, as we approach our 3rd year of using the product, our focus has been on productivity and precision. Below are some images of current projects where we are now pushing the limits of custom families, sweeps, modifications, and repeating elements. As we continue to develop the construction documents from project to project, we see the improvements during the construction administration phase. Drawings are more coordinated, explain the project better to the client and contractors, and thus the end product of the construction is almost exactly as it was designed.

Architectural Home Addition to a 1900's Home
Front View in Lexington, MA
Architectural Home Addition to a 1900's Home
Rear View in Lexington, MA

Home Renovation & Horse Barn Design
Lincoln, MA

Kitchen Addition
Danvers, MA


Steve 6/04/2007 6:30 PM  

Very Nice! Thanks for sharing!

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