Thursday, June 21, 2007

JELD-WEN "Stands Out"

I recieved an email today in response to a previous post on manufacturer content from JELD-WEN. The subject of this email was "Most extensive 3D window drawings available online for designers". This is definately true and is making JELD-WEN stand out in the window market for Architects who use Revit. They have set the bar high for other window manufactuers and you will know why when you look at this link.

You can configure any custom type of window and/or door from JELD-WEN. After configuing the unit you then get a link to download the unit you configured. The configuration options include: Size, finish, operation, and more. The doors come with the hinges and handles on the family. It is amazing to use and I commend JELD-WEN for creating an exceptional tool.


Dan Wall 3/21/2008 11:59 PM  

I know this is a while you posted it, but thanks very much for that link... I am certainly going to be using that!

I just 'stumbled' onto your blog today and am certainly going to keep it in my favourites!

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