Monday, November 20, 2006

Future of Revit

The future of Revit looks good. Autodesk is continuing to work on refining Revit Building to make the product more efficient in what we do on a day to day basis as Architects. Today, I went to the Autodesk facility in Waltham, MA to test out some refinements to the program. While I did not sign a Non-Discosure, since the revisions I tested are not slated for use in a specific release, it is understood that I can not release too many specifics. This test of the program was a follow up to Autodesk observing me and asking questions about Revit in my office in Lexington, MA. Autodesk believes that customer contact is key to developing the product and it shows. Basically, Revit in the future will be faster and more efficient while other programs just get slower as they add features to be more like Revit.


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