Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Phases of Revit

I did not create this list but I have always thought it was a great explination of how you feel as you start experiencing Revit. This list was created by Christopher Zoog, who also has a Revit Blog. This list is timeless and will probably always relate to the latest release.

Recently, my boss has started using Revit since we only have one project left in AutoCAD and it has been interesting to watch him go through these phases. Although, he does have the benefit of asking me questions as he learns the program which I did not have the luxury of. Therefore, my Phase two was much more painful than his has been. I do believe that if you have never used CAD, Revit would be more easy to learn than AutoCAD or ADT. If you do have a background in AutoCAD you can find that it is difficult becuase you can not use the same commands in Revit. I bet you AutoCAD users can agree that you also use the escape key in every program when you make a mistake, I know I used to. Revit works different from AutoCAD or ADT. If you can step away from the ways that you used to do things, learning Revit will be simple (for the most part).


Phase One - Initial Excitement!!!
"Holy Crap! Look what I can do with this thing!"

Phase Two - First bump"Hmmmm...?
Why won't it do what I want? That's not how I do it in (insert other cad software here)!"

Phase Three - Creamy Middle
mmm... things are going more smoothly, now......mmmmm"

Phase Four - WTF stage
The family editor "eats you up and spits you out"!

Phase Five - The EnlightenmentThings really begin to click!
You understand why things are happening in your model, and better yet how to control them and avoid problems. You have conquered the family editor.

Phase Six - Zen of Revit
You have mastered nearly all things Revit. You "know" what Revit "likes", and what it "dislikes" during model construction, a sixth sense, really. You spend your time exploring and tweaking advanced scheduling, OBDC, external parameters, AR3. You have a template to beat all templates, families for every situation.


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